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Plain ol me KnightMafia

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Hello, so since people are starting to use the forums a bit more, I assume I can get on here aswell and introduce myself. My name is Eric, Aka KnightMafia
I'm 30 years young single and divorced father. with 4 kids, 2 that I have custody of and 1 that I that I do not, Aswell as a Stepdaughter, that I consider my own. 
Little about my Runescape Background. 
The Last time I played runescape was back in 02' Got into RSPS in about Jan, due to some friends from another game joining some and inviting me to it. I enjoyed it and decided to 

host my own RSPS. Some people have been here since i had first launched on Feb 28, 2020.

I love the "family" community and staff members I have.

I have never been good at introductions and im very bad at spelling and speaking, Glad to see alot of new players and hope to keep this server going and getting big some day.
I love to write code, im not very good at it, but enjoy doing it. 

have a great day!

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Thanks for putting up this server. Definitely one of the best ones I've been on in awhile. Keep up the good work and this server will for sure blow up!

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