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It's Yuiiiii!

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Hi! I'm Yui, the girl always on a sugar high ^w^ I'm the kiddo of the server always trying to bring happiness and joy to everyone (Except Lathrix because he's a theif)
I was hacked on Runescape 3 and lost 5,6b worth of items, which GAGEX rejected to roll back my account for, so there's the reason why I'm here!
All I want is to help shaping the community, include everyone to one big "family" instead of making a bunch of different group communities-
because let's face it, no one really wants that...

I am from Japan, but I was adopted at the age of 12 and somehow ended up in Norway- I do speak Japanese, Norwegian and English fluently~
but my Japanese reading has become a lot worse. I would love going back where I come from once I'm old enough to be able to. Norway is not
a bad place, but I don't really see myself fitting here.

As of what I do for fun in my spare time is making graphic design and editing videos, I love just fiddling around trying to make things look cute,
If you want to see some speedarts of things I made, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-4owFavoJHliB9_imqHzcQ ^w^


Love yall cheeeeers



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Heyo Yui, its been fun playing with you! 

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