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Let me be the first one to tell you i had a shit start to this server. About 1 week into playing this server i found a glitch that would allow me to vote as many times as i wanted. without actually voting. In return i got banned and had to start a new account. I since then apologized to the owners and staff for abusing such a glitch. All in all what ended up happening was i fell in love with this server and the people and now try to find as much things as possible that need to b fixed. I also have a gambling In the real lifes. So i try to get it out on the server to save me some money. I have 2 kids and a wife, also living pay check to pay check. Knightscape is my getaway and my salvation. Hope you all enjoy the server as much as i do. Much love

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Appreciate the honesty and you admitting to your mistakes.

We're all humans and live and learn. 

It's nice to see you still playing and trying to make good of things. 

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