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Upcoming Events - First + Second Weekend of June

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Hello everyone!

To celebrate Knight's birthday¬†(ūü•≥) week there are going to be some huge events happening in game during the month of June. With the huge success of the last Double Double Double Weekend we thought we would one up it. What's a birthday without a celebration right?!

As you are most likely aware, the x4 exp weekends are coming up. I know what you are thinking - "Is that all?" ''Huge celebrations? You serious?"

Well you are right, that is not all. On the same days Quad exp is on (June 7th, 12th and 13th) we will run the same DOUBLE Vote points and DOUBLE Drops events only this time we also have DOUBLE Slayer points AND DOUBLE Dungeon points.

So to summarise on the 7th, 12th and 13th of June there will be: X4 Exp - DOUBLE Vote points - DOUBLE Drops - DOUBLE Slayer - DOUBLE Dungeon Rewards!

So whether you are boosting up levels to get closer to those 120s, camping out some kills for your next set of gear, farming keys to dye and upgrade your gear OR grinding elite dungeon in hopes to get that upgrade elite tectonic/sirenic set, we hope to see you on during June for some EPIC weekends ahead.

Also Happy Birthday to Knight! Thanks for your hard work and building this fantastic community we have all come to love!


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Really looking forward to this! Amazing idea, happy early birthday Knight!

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