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Updates #1-3 of 2022!

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Updates # 1 | 1/1

- Added Dwarf Cannons back into game,
- Fixed accounts getting stuck logged in.
- Known Bug Crash (if your client launcher doesn't fully close when hitting "Play" it will cause your client to crash while skilling and some interactions. Your able to manually close the Launcher when the game launches if it remains open.

Updates # 2 | 1/8

- Telos instance is now fixed; you no longer null when starting a new instance.
- Players can now kick their own account from discord using (.kick) and following the instructions that follow.

Updates # 3 | 1/13

- Telos is now working correctly, Loot is stacking, Chest is accessible from outside, Enrage and Streak is correctly working. Hit Cap set to 1200 + (your enrage), Telos HP, goes up based on your (streaks).
- You can now view your telos streak and enrage via the Task Tab.
- Discord to in-game and in-game to discord chat now working correctly.

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Thanks Daddy ❤️

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