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I need one person to help me. Maybe two...

This isn't a staff position, so you wouldn't get any commands or whatnot.

So, what is it I need?

I need someone to help me with developing two websites, one for our 718 server and one for our 317 server.

I don't need help with how to do things as such, but a general helper.


  • Must have Discord
  • Willing to speak via Chat, Voice or Video for sharing screens etc. (if needed)
  • Creative mind
  • Ability to spot flaws, or improvements.
  • Trustworthy as will be helping and looking at pages which only Admin + can see.

What you don't need:

  • You don't need experience within Web Design, as I'll take over that and if I need you to do anything I'll explain how to do it.
  • You don't need to be Staff, or need a specific time play to apply.

Now, I may not need you for a week or so as I'm still in process of planning a few things. But I will choose in the next couple of days, and we will probably get to work from the 15/03/2021

In the meantime, once I've chosen we will basically be discussing how we want it to look etc. 

I will be still reviewing anyone who applies, and will be speaking with other Staff members as I may not know you all on a personal level.

To apply, simply vote 'Yes' on the pol above. You can also write reply expressing your interest to help. 


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I could help you out as needed, work schedule is pretty insane so it might be hard for me to play at specific times

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Well you can alsways contact me on discord for anything 😉

gl with the project 😄 

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