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Sneak Peak 12-12-2020 :)

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sneak peak of whats to come πŸ™‚



01ea86ada52fc2aa215a3e9dd7714eb2.jpg 418d87ff436fcf0719abe549da5472a7.jpg fe4fcb9e214937777bd5ae9f5646ea97.jpg f392a0e898d4025c7610309c66e15e23.jpg 5d081034b16a6024250b3223d2f986b0.jpg 02ce6e07f71b1cb21d93f58becebf6b1.jpg bda900759079bc3adf72523728d67fce.jpg f6ae342e2a93d8a2232695bac16cc14c.jpg 606edcaeb8c48ee7c80da770860b1fe8.jpg

cross world switching from same client. Support for multiple revisions πŸ™‚


System update in lobby πŸ™‚

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I love the progress. Can’t wait for public release!

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