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  1. I like the amount of previous experience
  2. Personally I’d prefer range/mage debuff, when it comes to pvm there’s no actual challenge.
  3. the 5k ring in my opinion is not that important, id rather have a luck bonus than health tbh.
  4. Sigi

    Hakai Application

    id love to see you on the team bud great work!
  5. I’d love to see you on the team, I will say though that I’d like to see more activity from you, I get the days are long and it’s not always easy, but whenever you can 🙂
  6. Can I get my platinum rank please AND CAN I HAVE A FORUMS TITLE? Like the sugar daddy 🙂
  7. • In-Game Name: sigi • How old are you? 24 • Timezone: est. • What position are you applying for? Support • Which languages do you speak? english, Spanish and a fair bit of german • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I have absolutely discovered a love for this server I want to see it grow to it’s full potential, anything I can do to help! • Do you have any past staff experience? yes quite a fair bit! I was the owner of a 600 person clan in rs3 called deathsong, I’ve also been admin in one server and mode
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