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  1. I find the word minion offencive, i'm 1m52 irl so feel like a minion. otherwise good luck finding your minion anyway. Ps, this is in the rules: Rule #1: BULLYING, RACIAL HATE, and DISCRIMINATION😛
  2. Well you can alsways contact me on discord for anything 😉 gl with the project 😄
  3. Hi, I'm Aurora ingame and on discord real name is Elise, i'm 21 years old and from belgium. I started playing recently but have a past in private server (owned a rsps group together with my husband). I'm not always active due the fact i have a son off 20 months and 2 daughters off 7 months (yep they are twins), Seppe Luna and Aurora. And yep, another small wonder is on the way. We both dont work cuz off we do real estate for living (basicly we are lazy af. Any questions just shoot!
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