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  1. could i have my forum rank updated please? thanks
  2. I could help you out as needed, work schedule is pretty insane so it might be hard for me to play at specific times
  3. In-Game Name: Kevin How Old Are You?: 21 Time zone: EST Position Applying For?: Moderator Language: English And Some Spanish Why Do I Want To Be Part Of The Staff Team?:I Would Like to be Able To Help People When They Get Stuck And I already Help People With In-Game Questions Past Staff Experience?: Co-Owned A Server Back In RS2 Days For About 6 Months, Admin For 2 years, Moderator On Multiple Servers On This Specific Source(Same For Support) What I Think Should Be Required For This Position?: Being A Role Model For Players Is Very Important To Keep The Server From Becoming Toxic, Upholding Rules Even If You're Friends With a Player, Don't Abuse Your Powers For Self Gain, Ask Permission From Admin When Players Break "Gray Area Rules" Before Dishing Out Punishment Additional Information: I Am Extremely Knowledgeable Of This Source, Have Yet To Break A Rule(I've Been Kicked Once For AFK) I'm A Very Friendly Guy And Am Very Honest And Upfront. Thankyou For Reviewing My Staff Application
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