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  1. I would be honoured to be your minion. I will message on discord for more information. I may be able to help remotely on my phone.
  2. Hey Chesh, Could you please update my forum rank? Thanks! 😄
  3. Your application has been accepted Kluster. I think you will be a valuable member of staff!
  4. You have proven to be a valuable member of our staff team and the community. Your application has been accepted 😄
  5. Very active and knowledgeable player who already helps out players and staff already. I think you would be a valuable support member, you have my vote!
  6. You have been an incredibly helpful and valuable part of the staff team and community as a whole. You have my vote - I think you would do a fantastic job!
  7. Hello everyone! To celebrate Knight's birthday (🥳) week there are going to be some huge events happening in game during the month of June. With the huge success of the last Double Double Double Weekend we thought we would one up it. What's a birthday without a celebration right?! As you are most likely aware, the x4 exp weekends are coming up. I know what you are thinking - "Is that all?" ''Huge celebrations? You serious?" Well you are right, that is not all. On the same days Quad exp is on (June 7th, 12th and 13th) we will run the same DOUBLE Vote points and DOUBLE Drops events
  8. Accepted. I think you will be a great fit and a helpful staff member! 😄
  9. You are doing a fantastic job Chesur and I think you deserve the role. 😄
  10. Hello everyone! This weekend will be a huge weekend filled with drops, votes and achievements! The whole weekend (22nd - 25th of May) will be the usual double experience as well as DOUBLE vote points and DOUBLE drops! Whether you are chasing a level achievement getting closer to max, trying to get the 5K HP ring or wanting to get some extra drops to start making bank we hope to see you online this weekend!
  11. • In-Game Name: Endless • How old are you? 26 • Timezone: AEST - (GMT+10) • What position are you applying for? Head Administrator • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I really enjoy this server and I love helping other players out. I am already Moderator but would like to become Head Admin to help all players and other staff in server and the ensure it runs smoothly, in turn maintaining this fantastic close knit community we have! • Do you have any past staff experience? I am currently a moderator and have e
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