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  1. king


    I might hey, just gotta download alot of resource packs haha. But yeah it's been years so might need some tips off ya
  2. king


    now these are sick! damn i miss making sigs
  3. Will definitely take that into account, thank you.
  4. sure thing mate thank you, will try to jump on everyday after work when possible.
  5. Here to claim my platinum rank please and also forum rank ❤️ much love
  6. Nice guide man love it, thank you.
  7. definitely will try my hardest to get on everyday after work.
  8. • In-Game Name: Oking. • How old are you? 23. • Timezone: (GMT+8) - Perth / Australia. • What position are you applying for? Server Support. • Which languages do you speak? English only. • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? Personally, this would have to be my favorite server I've come across, the staff I've met so far in this game are absolutely awesome and i feel like i would fit right in, i enjoy helping people especially new comers with starter packs etc, i would love to have the official rank of helping people espec
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