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  1. Updates # 1 | 1/1 - Added Dwarf Cannons back into game, - Fixed accounts getting stuck logged in. - Known Bug Crash (if your client launcher doesn't fully close when hitting "Play" it will cause your client to crash while skilling and some interactions. Your able to manually close the Launcher when the game launches if it remains open. Updates # 2 | 1/8 - Telos instance is now fixed; you no longer null when starting a new instance. - Players can now kick their own account from discord using (.kick) and following the instructions that follow. Updates # 3 | 1/13 - Telos is now working correctly, Loot is stacking, Chest is accessible from outside, Enrage and Streak is correctly working. Hit Cap set to 1200 + (your enrage), Telos HP, goes up based on your (streaks). - You can now view your telos streak and enrage via the Task Tab. - Discord to in-game and in-game to discord chat now working correctly.
  2. Updates # 80-81 | 4/18/2021 #80 - Tusken Raid is now fixed. - Friends Chat Manager is working correctly now. - GWD2 are now fixed. - Dagganoth King public instance fixed, you now spawn in the platform - Prayer points now drain, - Special bar now refreshes correctly. #81 - Fixed Routing System/ Portals Should be working correctly again. - Fixed Legendary Pets to be claimed/summoned with ;;pets after they are claimed.
  3. Hot Fixes #2-3 | 3/6/2021 #2 - Active Jagged Account no longer deletes your equipped gear, its it into your active bank when reloading account. - Tray message pop up appears for all online staff using; ticket. - Doogle Leafs with raw sardine is now working. - Port Fixes. - Removed music tab and put quests and achievements in its location. #3 - Novice Summoner has been fixed. - Spoils of Barrows has been fixed. - Mining has been fixed. - Prayer Drain has been fixed. - Pets now get level 50 on reloading a account that has a spawned pet.
  4. Updates # 77 | 1/22 *Party Hats are now tradeable. *Fixed issue with Bank opening up when you clicked on money pouch and trading a player. *IronMan - HardCore Ironman, now get starter kits regardless of accounts. *Setting up a bank pin now shows you your pin when its created. Write it down! *Arraxor drops have been buffed. [Work in Progress]. *Some Items Bonuses have been fixed. *Mafia Pots in Trivia Shop have been reduced, 15 to 5. *Nature Rune Requirement to craft has been changed from 45 to 44. *Dominion Tower Gloves have been fixed you no longer lose points if you close the dialogue before picking a item. Updates # 78 | 1/23 *LoTd ring has been nerfed from 1-1500 to 1-2500 *Hazelmere Signet Ring has been nerfed from 1-250 to 1-500 DDC. *Staff Pet and Bloodpoucer heals have been nerfed. *Legendary Pet Dragon Wolf has been nerfed reduced to a max of 8K at level 99. *PetMaster Perk has been nerfed reduced to a max of 5K at level 99. *Rune Knifes have been nerfed delay speed of 2 to delay speed of 4 *Bandosian Reaver's hp has been fixed. Updates # 79 | 3/2 * Scoreboard at Home Works correctly now. * Noticeboard at Home Works correctly now. * Bank Wealth and Scoreboard Wealthy Top 10s now shows the correct wealth. * Fixed Donation Icons Via Discord. * Reworked Controller Manager. * Game Engine has been reworked. * Ability to turn on voice by typing voices in the console. * Ability to add other players voices to your client by typing in add voice "player name" * Tray Message when receiving private messages from staff and players, * Fixed Boss Time Manager. *Fixed Notes Tab, Journal Which Displays your Achievements and Quests. *Removed Talk-to for PB bosses They are now shown on map. *Added New Quests to Quests Tab, Added Achievements. *Desert Treasure, Gertrude's Cat, Horror from the deep, Lunar Diplomacy, Monkey Madness, Recipe For Disaster. *Clan Bank is works correctly now. * Magic Combat is being worked on. Reduced, Its a work in progress. * Combat Fighting Route Reworked. *You can now speak with Account Guardian at home to Reload your account. Gives you options for you to reset your kill stats, reset your stats example, Ores Mined, Clues Done, Trees Cut, Logs Burned. Etc. , reset your Collection Log. ** IF THE PLAY BUTTON IS NOT WORKING ON YOUR LAUNCHER, FIND YOUR KNIGHTSCAPE718.JAR FILE IN YOUR USERS FOLDER.**
  5. Updates # 71 | 12/6 * Nerfed drop rates of easy and medium clues * Buffed drop rates of hard and elites clues * Removed the auto restart every 8 hours * Fixed Cows HP at Burthorpe * Fixed Priffs Course, can no longer spam click for extra xp Updates # 72 | 12/16 * New Drop System in place for Telos Orbs, Telos Orbs have been raised from a 0.9 to a 1.2 * Newest Edition to KnightScape Staff Family, Welcome Nova! Updates # 73 | 1/6 * Updated based drop rates from game mode to a +2 from the original Updates # 74 | 1/9 * Extra Security added to account, you can now talk to the Account Guardian to set up Jag * The bank now has a pin system, you can activate it by talking to banker next to bank at home * Fix for Chat settings, it now stays saved * Siesmics wands stats updates (dyed). They were below the normal wand and now all dyed ones have the same stats now. * Lucky bandos armour gear , they were below the normal bandos gear and have been upgraded by a couple points to bring them a bit higher as the regular one * Primal weapons stats has been updated (all golden chaotic weapons were stronger than any other primal weapon) Updates # 75 | 1/11 * Double drops have been reworked * Drop Rates have been Reworked once again Updates # 76 | 1/14 *Absorbing stats have been changed on armor and removed from weapons *Chaotic & Dominion are updated
  6. Update # 67 | 11/27 *Fixed Ref system. *Fixed Donations from store not adding up correctly. *Well has been reduced from 250M to 100M *Donation Rank Info -"Regular Donator" Drop Boost, 0.2, Exp Boost, 35% Added to Vote Books. -"Extreme Donator" Drop Boost, 0.2, Exp Boost, 45% Added to Vote Books. -"Legendary Donator" Drop Boost, 0.4, Exp Boost, 55% Added to Vote Books. -"Supreme Donator" Drop Boost, 0.8, Exp Boost, 65% Added to Vote Books. -"Divine Donator" Drop Boost, 1.0, Exp Boost, 75% Added to Vote Books. -"Angelic Donator" Drop Boost, 1.2, Exp Boost, 85% Added to Vote Books. -"Demonic Donator" Drop Boost, 1.4, Exp Boost, 95% Added to Vote Books. -"Heroic Donator" Drop Boost, 1.6, Exp Boost, 105% Added to Vote Books. *On Upgraded Rank, you now get 1 keepsake key. *GWD1 Drop rates were changed again. *Rank Lender system has been taken out. *Donator Boxes have been removed. *Player Owned Stores have been removed. *Crystal key chest has been reworked *Treasure trails (clue scrolls) drops and items have been reworked *Collection log has been reset Update # 68 | 11/29 *Added 4 Mystery Boxes with new Mystery Box Interface, Mboxes items are a [WIP] * Donator Amounts have been changed: -Regular Donator 15 -Extreme Donator 30 -Legendary Donator 60 -Supreme Donator 120 -Divine Donator 200 -Angelic Donator 350 -Demonic Donator 500 -Heroic Donator 1000 *Added a new Starter Interface when creating a account. *Halloween Event Has Ended, Thank you for who all participated in it. *Fixed Donation Colors/Icons/Yells. Update # 69 | 12/1 * There has been another rework on the drop rates! [WIP] Update # 70 | 12/5 * Zaros Godsword and Dyed Zaros Godsword have been fixed. * Masuta Staff Damage Reduced. * Nox Staff Damage Reduced. * Staff of Sliske Damage Reduced. * Seren Godbow and Dyed Seren Godbow have been fixed.
  7. YOU ASKED FOR IT, WE DID IT. The team has been hard at work the last two days preparing for an eco wipe. meaning we took ALL drop rate boosts and reworked them to something we think you'll find a little better 🙂 here's a few of the things we took a look at: -DONOR AND GAMEMODE DROPRATES -Tertiary drop items and rates -Rare drop items and rates -Crystal key chest has been reworked -Treasure trails (clue scrolls) drops and items have been reworked -Collection log has been reset -Skilling points have been added to all old accounts -Barrows rework! now featuring NPCs on hill -Ironmen and hardcore ironmen now get a special set upon start *New game mode drop rates are as follows: -Easy - 1 -Intermediate - 2 -Veteran - 2.5 -Expert - 3.5 -Ironman - 4 -HC Ironman - 5 *New donor rank drop rates are as follows: These do not stack, whatever rank you are is the bonus you get. -Donator - 0.2 -Extreme - 0.2 -Legendary - 0.4 -Supreme - 0.8 -Divine - 1.0 -Angelic - 1.2 -Demonic - 1.4 -Heroic - 1.6 If you notice anything or have any thoughts please contact Hakai or Nova, and post it in #rework-feedback.
  8. Update # 65 | 11/19 *Fixed Noxicous Scythes dyed. *Fixed flarefrost boots, Emberkeen Boots, Hailfire boots, Buffed Imperimal Core. *Raised DR on Energys and Scales from PB. *Fixed Bug that was causing you to get other players type logs awhile chopping different trees. *Nerfed Rune knifes. *Pet perk D'companine now attacks every 2-4 secs. instead of every hit. *Couple other things but forgot to white it down oopsie! Update # 66 | 11/21 *New Rank System: Based off amount spent now, These are the following ranks: -Donator >= 15 Up from 10. -Extreme Donator >= 20 -Legendary Donator >= 55 -Supreme Donator >= 150 -Divine Donator >= 200 -Angelic Donator >= 300 -Demonic Donator >= 400 -Heroic Donator >= 800 *EXP Boosts: -Donator, "35" -Extreme, "45" -Legendary, "55" -Supreme, "65" -Divine, "75" -Angelic, "85" -Demonic, "95" -Heroic, "105" *Drop Boosts: -Donator, "1.0" -Extreme, "2.0" -Legendary, "3.0" -Supreme, "4.0" -Divine, "5.0" -Angelic, "6.0" -Demonic, "7.0" -Heroic, "8.0" * Removed KK instance *Most perks removed from store, you will now only be able to purchase them in game. *Changed the Scoreboard for Donators Ranks Display. It now shows the date you created the account and your game mode. * [WIP] new perks for ranks.
  9. • In-Game Name: Qwerty AND No Name • How old are you? 23...Turn 24 next month. • Timezone: Eastern Time Zone • What position are you applying for? Forum Advisor • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I feel as if I get along with all current players, I'm always here to help anyone if needed. I have roughly 500 hours invested into this server, and don't think I will be going anywhere soon. • Do you have any past staff experience? No Forum experience but I have been support and as well as mod on a few servers. I don't really push for positions. I usually wait till I know almost everything about a server. I would love to learn the ins and outs of forum modifications and how everything works. • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? What I expect out of this position is keeping forums calm, cool, and collected. To keep the forums looking good and making them as good as it can get. • Additional Information: I sit at my computer 10 hours a day at work and stare at two monitors all day. Which I will be able to access these forums pretty much all the time.
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