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  1. Everyone has a unique ability, be it presets from the system or your very own special power specially requested. Also players can as well play as normal if they wish to, its just an add-on for something special about the server. BUT there's a catch! 1 IP address only can have 1 special power 1 account only can be online from 1 IP address Any Special Ability can't be reverted or changed Example presets can be as below: Life Steal (Vampyre) Unlimited Prayer (Monk) All Dmg x2 (Fighter) Summon 1 more Pet or Tamed Pet from npc around KnightScape (Tamer) Summon 1 more Spiritual Pet (Necromancer) Every 5s, you'll get 500k gp (Gambler) Able to use magic spells without runes (Magician) Getting hit has a 75% chance to miss (Matrix) Your Very Own SPECIAL POWER You can request for 1 ability, anything that you want. But you'd need to sacrifice or do something in order to get the more of it. And for this to work, STAFFs / KNIGHT has the right to take your decisions into considerations, to see if the ability would RUIN the eco and to also make the choice of the sacrifice / tasks. But this is just to let everyone have fun! Example: My Ability: To increase damage STAFFs / Knight's request: Every 1k salmon fish cooked, you'd get damage multiplier by .05 Conclusions: If I cooked 4.3k salmon fish, I'd get x1.2 damage multiplier If I cooked 5.9k trout and 2.1k salmon, I'd get x1.1 damage multiplier Example 2: My Ability: To be godlike STAFFs / Knight's request: Every 5 unique fights with players grants you damage reflect by .2% of damage taken Conclusions: If I have 18 fights with unique players, I'd get to return .6% damage taken from any npc ( So if Telos hit me 500 dmg, I'd only get 497 dmg and Telos get hit by 3 dmg ) If I have 7 fights with unique players and 13 fights with the same players, I'd get to return .2% damage taken from any npc ( So if Telos hit me 500 dmg, I'd only get 499 dmg and telos get hit by 1 dmg )
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