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  1. Hey guys and gals, Do you want one of these for your profile? A profile picture or a signature? 🙂 Hit me up on discord, or message below of what you're after.
  2. Thank you for applying Nova. I would love to have you as part of my team 🙂 Welcome aboard!
  3. Thanks for applying Qwerty. I would love to have you as part of my team! Welcome aboard 🙂
  4. Hey guys, Long time no see. Sorry I've been real busy with getting my laptop fixed, still currently in repair until Monday that's why I haven't been on. Anyhow, as you know I manage the forums, from designing to general duties of keeping it scam free etc. I can't do it all on my own, I would like to have one or two minions to help me out. The role would be classed as Forum Advisor your role would be the following: Keeping any scams and advertisements off the Topics and also Chat box (which is recently new). This is any scamming or advertisements of other RSPS ser
  5. Some stuff. If you guys want discord pics / stuff for forums let me know. Can work on it around the 100 other things I'm currently doing 😉
  6. Appreciate the honesty and you admitting to your mistakes. We're all humans and live and learn. It's nice to see you still playing and trying to make good of things.
  7. I still got a lot to do guys, but love your feedbacks. Will defo put them into use 🙂
  8. Imo, nerf Range/Mage. It's way to OP. Make it around the same as Melee, as Melee isn't too OP.
  9. Demoness

    reg donor

    Could you provide a screenshot of your rank in-game please. 🙂
  10. Demoness


    Thank you, get back on it!!! :)) Two Moree:
  11. To access the platinum bosses first of all you need to be Platinum Donator. Platinum donator costs $55 to get. HOW DO I GET THERE? To get to Platinum bosses, simply type ;;pb it will ask you if you wish to start a private instance or join one. Once you're there choose the boss you want and enter it's room by passing through the barrier, be sure to pray beforehand as they will attack as soon as you enter. THE BOSSES: There are 3 bosses in the PB area; KnightMafia, Demoness & Sigi. KnightMafia: KnightMafia boss is Melee, the best gear/weapon type
  12. Agreed myself, I understand time strains I think we all do; would be nice to see a lot more of you as Knight said in-game and on Discord. Hope to see more of you around.
  13. #Update 39 | 6th September - Rework on Drop Chance. (Testing) - Rework on Rank Lender: Can now lend out Donator for 100M no limit on hours. Gold Ranks for 100M an hour Platinum Ranks for 500M an hour Immortal Rank 800M an hour. - Lucien HP reduced to 200k with a max hit of 700. Down from 600k with a max of 1500. - Slowly Converting Bossing to Instances. (Sunfreet, Masuta) Done #Update 40 | 9th September - Loot share has been reverted back to original mechanics. Due to Major Bugs. - Pets no longer lose their level when being picked up
  14. #Update 35 | 28th August - Loot Share has been reworked, All players within same region area, with loot share enabled, will "all" get different loot. - Some bosses have been increased health with increased hit cap. - Death Touch darts no longer completely removes cap damage on kills. - New Dungeonneering is now Multi-Combat. #Update 36 | 30th August - Added some new Events, Event board located at Home. - Added Evil Tree Event. - Dwarf Cannon Quest at home, Dwarf Cannon {WIP} Issues with Cannon not visually showing in rotation. #Update 37 | 3rd
  15. #Update 30 | 16th August - Fixed Barrel Chest, now count towards comp cape, fixed Nox staff ice dyed now works. - Can now empty water vials - Hot Fix: Fixed Comp Cape Requirements should now show correctly when finished #Update 31 | 17th August - Bork times have been reduced; Non Donator, 1 Hour CD, Donator 45 mins Gold 30 mins Platinum 15 mins Immortal No cooldown. - Mausta should now be passive - Starter Boss Gear from Mausta now is tradable. - Rune knifes and Red Chinchompa have been nerfed. - Seren Godbow has been s
  16. #Update 26 | 4th August - Added new Discord bot "again". Please make sure to use the .link command in the #bot-command channel. Follow the instructions from the bot to link your Discord with the in-game friends chat. - Added Bank Wealth to bank tabs. - Added Bank Capacity and Bank Space used to bank tab. #Update 27 | 10th August - You can now purchase some legendary pets via webstore. it also shows what abilities they give or have. - Fixed the incorrect players online display for bot. #Update 28 | 12th August - Added a daily reset and loyalty timer in t
  17. #Update 23 | 26th June - DeathTouch Darts now work again. No cap on any bosses. - Some item stats have been updated: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, Dragon, Bandos, 3rd Age Melee, 3rd Age Range, 3rd Age Mage, Ahrim's , Dharok's, Guthan's, Karil's, Torag's, Verac's. #Update 24 | 25th July - All clue scrolls can now be used at the crystal chest and opened for a fee. The clue scrolls will be like this until the kinks can be worked out with the treasure trails. This fee depends on the clues tier level. Sorry about all the issues! - Easy - 2.5m GP - Me
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