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  1. I don't really know how to answer this without you interpreting me wrong, as clearly you've interpreted this in the wrong way before knowing how it was meant. Minion is someone who works below someone. I could of said "Does someone want to be my servant?" or "Does someone want to work for me" but I was just trying to add a bit of humor to it. I have never heard the term Minion being referred to someone's height. If I had called someone a dwarf or midget, then yes that is referring to someone's height and therefore could be a form of bullying. Please get to know people before accusing such things. I have been here since nearly day one, and people who know me know I am humorous person but will say things as they are. I will ignore this but refrain from trying to say things like this, unless there is actual reason of bulling, racial hate of discrimination. As on this topic there isn't.
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  3. This is my manipulations thread. Yes, ma nips. Will aim to posting on here once a week minimum, maybe more. Number one:
  4. I need one person to help me. Maybe two... This isn't a staff position, so you wouldn't get any commands or whatnot. So, what is it I need? I need someone to help me with developing two websites, one for our 718 server and one for our 317 server. I don't need help with how to do things as such, but a general helper. Requirements: Must have Discord Willing to speak via Chat, Voice or Video for sharing screens etc. (if needed) Creative mind Ability to spot flaws, or improvements. Trustworthy as will be helping and looking at pages which only Admin + can see. What you don't need: You don't need experience within Web Design, as I'll take over that and if I need you to do anything I'll explain how to do it. You don't need to be Staff, or need a specific time play to apply. Now, I may not need you for a week or so as I'm still in process of planning a few things. But I will choose in the next couple of days, and we will probably get to work from the 15/03/2021. In the meantime, once I've chosen we will basically be discussing how we want it to look etc. I will be still reviewing anyone who applies, and will be speaking with other Staff members as I may not know you all on a personal level. To apply, simply vote 'Yes' on the pol above. You can also write reply expressing your interest to help.
  5. Good luck on Staff, All I'll say is if you are successful you would start off as Support like everyone else.
  6. Hey guys and gals, Do you want one of these for your profile? A profile picture or a signature? 🙂 Hit me up on discord, or message below of what you're after.
  7. Thank you for applying Nova. I would love to have you as part of my team 🙂 Welcome aboard!
  8. Thanks for applying Qwerty. I would love to have you as part of my team! Welcome aboard 🙂
  9. Hey guys, Long time no see. Sorry I've been real busy with getting my laptop fixed, still currently in repair until Monday that's why I haven't been on. Anyhow, as you know I manage the forums, from designing to general duties of keeping it scam free etc. I can't do it all on my own, I would like to have one or two minions to help me out. The role would be classed as Forum Advisor your role would be the following: Keeping any scams and advertisements off the Topics and also Chat box (which is recently new). This is any scamming or advertisements of other RSPS servers or promotions to other servers. Also any scams which is self-explanatory. Making sure all toxicity is kept off the Topics and Chat box. As well as ensuring people maintain respect and kindness towards other players. Helping me with ideas to how we can improve forums, and giving me general ideas on what you think would be suffice. Being a support channel for any questions on the Topics as well as Chat box. Maintaining general cleanliness of the forums page - what I mean is by clearing any junk or old topics which may not be appropriate no more. Generally there will be more duties to your role, but this is a basic summary. Whoever gets this role I will talk more in depth with via Discord about the requirements. If you're interested, please submit a application via Staff Applications. I will review these within a week of people posting. You'll solely be under me, so any questions about this please drop me a message on discord and Good luck to anyone who applies!
  10. Some stuff. If you guys want discord pics / stuff for forums let me know. Can work on it around the 100 other things I'm currently doing 😉
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