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  1. Great active player. Never hesitates to help out any player whether it be a new one or a veteran. 100% got my support<3
  2. • In-Game Name: Four/Two • How old are you? 23 • Timezone: Est • What position are you applying for? Server Support • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I feel I would make a great addition to the staff team because I want to see the server grow. I enjoy testing out new content and finding bugs/glitches that affect the game. I get enjoyment from helping others and teaching them new things. I'm constantly recruiting new players and helping out older players with questions and concerns they may have. • Do you have
  3. Whats going on friends, you can call me Four or Alex either or. I enjoy pvming and skilling and looking forward to working towards a trimmed comp cape. I enjoy meeting new people and helping out others where I can. Feel free to pm me in game if you ever wanna pvm or chill!
  4. Really looking forward to this! Amazing idea, happy early birthday Knight!
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