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  1. u got my vote bro, always a good intention, a honest guy, love to see it :)
  2. thanks and glad to hear that! fingers crossed 😄
  3. • In-Game Name: Gellatov2 • How old are you?: 20 Y/o • Timezone: Belgium UTC +1. • What position are you applying for? Supporter rank • Which languages do you speak? I speak fluent Dutch, partly French, Spanish, English so actually a little bit of everything! • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? why? because i feel good here and i guess you guys too with me i am very active in the game i help people their way i do regular giveaways i care about the players you are like an online family and we all need that in these cold dark days & ofcourse because I want to get the server at number 1 and will do everything possible, also to the newcomers and players I do everything for them can ask them 🙂 • Do you have any past staff experience? yes I have, I have already been a supporter twice on a 718 rev and then broken through to admin eventually. I have also been a moderator. only on 718 revs so yes i have experience to join the team 🙂 • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Certainly high expectations that I have everywhere, and especially being helpful and yes making sure that it runs a bit when the higher ones are not there and active, friendly. • Additional Information: I would appreciate if you could vote for me. real recognizes real they say. hopefully with your support I can support the team and of course make sure everyone is having a good time!! "GellatoV2
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