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  1. He has been very active, and when he is online I notice him keeping conversations lively and helping people when they have questions. Would be a great addition to the team.
  2. You have my vote, been pretty active and friendly towards people. However, cannot confirm that you are not a toad.
  3. • In-Game Name: Hakai • How old are you? 26 • Timezone: EST (GMT-5) • What position are you applying for? Support • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I have been playing for quite some time, and have gained quite a bit of experience and knowledge to guide/lead new players to have a successful start, and help them have longevity with the server. Essentially I would enjoy being a face of the server to new players showing them that there are people who support and love this server, (which I am one of them 🙂 ) • Do you have any past staff experience? Not on an RSPS. • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Honesty, integrity and respect should be required, being straight forward with any issues or complications that may arise. When supporting players, new and old, should receive the same amount of attention. What is expected, assisting and aiding players with any issues they have. It can be answering questions to accurately reporting a bug. • Additional Information: I love this server, and would love to be a part of the team to help it grow and be a wonderful community.
  4. Hakai


    Dang those look pretty awesome!!
  5. Removed this post, added to top post.
  6. Mining Guide Table of contents: i. Tools needed ii. How to find teleports/Where to begin iii. Free to play leveling guide iv. Member donation status information v. Gold donation status information vi. Shooting star information/locations vii. Exp boost / additional information For this skill you will need: A pickaxe, and time. To obtain your starting pickaxe speak to Bob, he sells general skilling supplies. He is located on the South-East side of home. Buy an Iron pickaxe, and a Rune pickaxe from him. Next lets head over to the quest tab, select skilling, then mining > Depending on your level, you will want to choose an appropriate location. Here are my suggestions: From levels 1-35|1-77 Here you can mine copper ores, tin ores, and iron ores. 1-15 do copper/tin (an equal amount if you intend on smithing) 15-35|77 mine Iron ores. Levels 35-77 At a slower rate you can switch to mining coal if you choose, ideally mine iron until 77. (pictures needed) Levels 77-80 You can now head to Living rock caverns and begin mining coal from mineral deposits (pictures needed) 80-85|99 Now that you're level 80, you can go all the way to 99 from mining gold mineral deposits in the Living rock cavern. Alternatively, you can switch to runite ores at level 85 (slower xp) (pictures needed) Members only See donation store for more details You now have access to the donator zone, you can begin training at level 1 on blurite rocks. These rocks give an ore at random, and the associated xp rate to that rock. xp/hr varies based on luck of getting ores. This ore never depletes, all you have to do is keep banking. (pictures) Gold Donators As a gold donator you have access to the gold donator zone, here you will find divine rocks that you can mine at level 70 and 85. Which give adamintite ore, and runite ores. These have a limited amount of uses per day, once you cap on how much you can gather, you'll have to wait until reset. You also don't need to visit the Living rock caverns!! You have 2 of each type of mineral deposit here. pictures Shooting Stars Shooting stars will be based on size, for example Size 2, means you must have a minimum of level 20 to begin mining it. This continues up to sizes 1-9, levels 10-90. Example: Rewards will be based on how many star dust you obtain, you can only obtain rewards after the star has been completely mined. A star sprite will appear and you'll be able to claim the rewards To find out when the next star will occur, go to the North West side of home, and view the telescope Here is a list of all of the shooting stars, and their locations, I have found during my time online: Note: will update with pictures and descriptions as they appear in-game. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Shooting star has just landed in Mining Guild. Quest tab>Skilling>Mining>Mining guild, run west to the ladder, and exit to falador. Then run north it's south east of the bank. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Shooting star has landed in E Varrock Bank. Varrock teleport, 3 air, 1 fire, 1 law rune, Alternative: Quest tab>skilling>mining>Varrock east mine, run north ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Shooting star has landed in Gnome Stronghold. Quest tab>Skilling>Agility>Gnome Agility Course - Run slightly west ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Shooting star has landed in Rellekka Mine. Quest tab>NPC>Starter Training>East rock crabs>Run west through the opening in the gate to Rellekka. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wilderness A Shooting Star has just landed in North of Edgeville. This is found just north of the Mage of Zamorak by the mine, use Edgeville loadstone, run north-east. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A shooting star has just landed in South Wilderness Mine. Use Edgeville home lode stone, run north-west on the other side of the black knights fortress. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A shooting star has just landed in Pirates Hideout Mine. Quest tab>Skilling>Agility>Wilderness Course - Run north east towards mage bank, it's next to the pirates hideout. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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