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#Update 39-40

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#Update 39 | 6th September

- Rework on Drop Chance. (Testing)

- Rework on Rank Lender:

Can now lend out Donator for 100M no limit on hours.

Gold Ranks for 100M an hour

Platinum Ranks for 500M an hour

Immortal Rank 800M an hour.

- Lucien HP reduced to 200k with a max hit of 700. Down from 600k with a max of 1500.

- Slowly Converting Bossing to Instances. (Sunfreet, Masuta) Done

#Update 40 | 9th September

- Loot share has been reverted back to original mechanics. Due to Major Bugs.

- Pets no longer lose their level when being picked up/dismissed.

- All bosses are working in Platinum Boss Zone, use ;;pb to start/join instance. (WIP Loot Tables are being changed).

- Soul Split Reworked.

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