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#Update 11

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#Update 11 | June 5th 

- Fixed Lucien and Black Stone Dragon. Both are now working.

- Changed donator ranks to Regular, Gold, Platinum and Immortal see ;;store for details.

- Ranks give exp and drop rate bonuses. Can also destroy rank for tickets.

- Regular - 25% exp boost +0.5 drop rate. Worth 2B.

- Gold - 35% exp boost +3.0 drop rate. Worth 5B.

- Platinum - 45% exp boost + 6.0 drop rate. Worth 16B.

- Immortal - 55% exp boost +10.0 drop rate. Worth 62.5B.

- Removed giant mole from bosses.

- Added Mafias potions to vote rewards.

- Vote book coins have been raised to 25M,50M,75M,100M. They will change with 2x and 4x weekends.

- Mining teleports have been added.

- Freezing with Crafting/Fletching etc. should now be fixed. If you're still freezing please update your client from the website.

- Remove the client launcher for the meantime, please delete it.

- Lent donator ranks Gold and higher can now access donator zones.

- Fixed SoF spins not refreshing correctly.

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