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Four's server support application

Do you think Four would make a good Server Support?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Four would make a good Server Support?

    • Yes, I'd like to see you as a Staff Member.
    • No, I don't think you got what it takes.

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• In-Game Name: Four/Two

• How old are you? 23

• Timezone: Est

• What position are you applying for? Server Support

• Which languages do you speak? English

• Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I feel I would make a great addition to the staff team because I want to see the server grow. I enjoy testing out new content and finding bugs/glitches that affect the game. I get enjoyment from helping others and teaching them new things. I'm constantly recruiting new players and helping out older players with questions and concerns they may have.

• Do you have any past staff experience? I have been staff on various diffferent servers within the past 7-8 years. I have experience in real life with leadership roles and have excelled in any position I have been placed in. 

• Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? As a server support, you should be one of the most active staff members. Your job in game is to provide information to players, along with finding bugs, glitches, and enforcing the rules to the best of my ability. A server support should provide all necessary help they can without having to get assistance from a higher staff member.

• Additional Information: Its nice to finally find a server that has an owner and developer that take their roles seriously. The community on this game is one of the best I personally have been apart of in all my years of playing RSPS'. To be able to provide my services and make this community even better would be amazing.

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Yessir!! Always helpful to other players and I. Continuously brainstorming in the discord on how to improve the QoL of the server. i think it would be a great fit for you man! +1 

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Atm your application is denied, i would like to see you more of you in-game helping and active, as your a freshly new player to the server. Do not allow this to discourage your activity and in-game play.

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