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Updates #77-79

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Updates # 77 | 1/22

*Party Hats are now tradeable.
*Fixed issue with Bank opening up when you clicked on money pouch and trading a player.
*IronMan - HardCore Ironman, now get starter kits regardless of accounts.
*Setting up a bank pin now shows you your pin when its created. Write it down!
*Arraxor drops have been buffed. [Work in Progress].
*Some Items Bonuses have been fixed.
*Mafia Pots in Trivia Shop have been reduced, 15 to 5.
*Nature Rune Requirement to craft has been changed from 45 to 44.
*Dominion Tower Gloves have been fixed you no longer lose points if you close the dialogue before picking a item.

Updates # 78 | 1/23

*LoTd ring has been nerfed from 1-1500 to 1-2500
*Hazelmere Signet Ring has been nerfed from 1-250 to 1-500 DDC.
*Staff Pet and Bloodpoucer heals have been nerfed.
*Legendary Pet Dragon Wolf has been nerfed reduced to a max of 8K at level 99.
*PetMaster Perk has been nerfed reduced to a max of 5K at level 99.
*Rune Knifes have been nerfed delay speed of 2 to delay speed of 4
*Bandosian Reaver's hp has been fixed.


Updates # 79 | 3/2

* Scoreboard at Home Works correctly now.
* Noticeboard at Home Works correctly now.
* Bank Wealth and Scoreboard Wealthy Top 10s now shows the correct wealth.
* Fixed Donation Icons Via Discord.
* Reworked Controller Manager.
* Game Engine has been reworked.
* Ability to turn on voice by typing voices in the console.
* Ability to add other players voices to your client by typing in add voice "player name"
* Tray Message when receiving private messages from staff and players,
* Fixed Boss Time Manager.
*Fixed Notes Tab, Journal Which Displays your Achievements and Quests.
*Removed Talk-to for PB bosses They are now shown on map.
*Added New Quests to Quests Tab, Added Achievements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            *Desert Treasure, Gertrude's Cat, Horror from the deep,  Lunar Diplomacy, Monkey Madness, Recipe For Disaster.
 *Clan Bank is works correctly now.
* Magic Combat is being worked on. Reduced, Its a work in progress.
* Combat Fighting Route Reworked.
 *You can now speak with Account Guardian at home to Reload your account. Gives you options for you to reset your kill stats, reset your stats example, Ores Mined,                                                                                                                                                Clues Done, Trees Cut, Logs Burned. Etc. , reset your Collection Log.

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