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Updates #71-76

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Updates # 71 | 12/6

* Nerfed drop rates of easy and medium clues
* Buffed drop rates of hard and elites clues
* Removed the auto restart every 8 hours
* Fixed Cows HP at Burthorpe
* Fixed Priffs Course, can no longer spam click for extra xp

Updates # 72 | 12/16

* New Drop System in place for Telos Orbs, Telos Orbs have been raised from a 0.9 to a 1.2
* Newest Edition to KnightScape Staff Family, Welcome Nova!

Updates # 73 | 1/6

* Updated based drop rates from game mode to a +2 from the original

Updates # 74 | 1/9

* Extra Security added to account, you can now talk to the Account Guardian to set up Jag
* The bank now has a pin system, you can activate it by talking to banker next to bank at home

* Fix for Chat settings, it now stays saved
* Siesmics wands stats updates (dyed).   They were below the normal wand and now all dyed ones have the same stats now.
* Lucky bandos armour gear , they were below the normal bandos gear and have been upgraded by a couple points to bring them a bit higher as the 
  regular one
* Primal weapons stats has been updated (all golden chaotic weapons were stronger than any other primal weapon) 

Updates # 75 | 1/11

* Double drops have been reworked
* Drop Rates have been Reworked once again

Updates # 76 | 1/14

*Absorbing stats have been changed on armor and removed from weapons
*Chaotic & Dominion are updated

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