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Updates #65-66

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Update # 65 | 11/19

*Fixed Noxicous Scythes dyed.
*Fixed flarefrost boots, Emberkeen Boots, Hailfire boots, Buffed Imperimal Core.
*Raised DR on Energys and Scales from PB.
*Fixed Bug that was causing you to get other players type logs awhile chopping different trees.
*Nerfed Rune knifes.
*Pet perk D'companine now attacks every 2-4 secs. instead of every hit.
*Couple other things but forgot to white it down oopsie!

Update # 66 | 11/21

*New Rank System: Based off amount spent now, These are the following ranks:
-Donator >= 15 Up from 10.
-Extreme Donator >= 20
-Legendary Donator >= 55
-Supreme Donator >= 150
-Divine Donator >= 200
-Angelic Donator >= 300
-Demonic Donator >= 400
-Heroic Donator >= 800
*EXP Boosts: 
-Donator, "35"
-Extreme, "45"
-Legendary, "55" 
-Supreme, "65" 
-Divine, "75" 
-Angelic, "85" 
-Demonic, "95" 
-Heroic, "105"

*Drop Boosts:
-Donator, "1.0"
-Extreme, "2.0"
-Legendary, "3.0"
-Supreme, "4.0"
-Divine, "5.0"
-Angelic, "6.0"
-Demonic, "7.0"
-Heroic, "8.0"
* Removed KK instance
*Most perks removed from store, you will now only be able to purchase them in game.
*Changed the Scoreboard for Donators Ranks Display. It now shows the date you created the account and your game mode.
* [WIP] new perks for ranks.



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