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  1. I have to agree with demoness here as it was taken the wrong way,
  2. Ill be more than happy to help you accomplish this!
  3. Endless, is great for this. might make him a bit more active on discord/forums, aswell 😄
  4. KnightMafia


    Nice to meet you Jennie! and welcome to the knightscape community, hope your enjoying your time here
  5. Giving away 8 more 35% off store purchase must message me dm in game or via forums/discord.
  6. Welcome hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. So as Eco reset was 20 yes and 4 Nos Its now time to do the finial vote on here. Vote will close in 1 week.
  8. Hello, so since people are starting to use the forums a bit more, I assume I can get on here aswell and introduce myself. My name is Eric, Aka KnightMafia I'm 30 years young single and divorced father. with 4 kids, 2 that I have custody of and 1 that I that I do not, Aswell as a Stepdaughter, that I consider my own. Little about my Runescape Background. The Last time I played runescape was back in 02' Got into RSPS in about Jan, due to some friends from another game joining some and inviting me to it. I enjoyed it and decided to host my own RSPS. Some people have been here since i had first launched on Feb 28, 2020. I love the "family" community and staff members I have. I have never been good at introductions and im very bad at spelling and speaking, Glad to see alot of new players and hope to keep this server going and getting big some day. I love to write code, im not very good at it, but enjoy doing it. have a great day!
  9. I voted yes, why? because im the owner and i can 🙂 have a good day.
  10. • In-Game Name: Outcold20 • How old are you? 25 • Timezone: EST • What position are you applying for? Support • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I would like to help the new comers and other, i seem to get asked questions a lot • Do you have any past staff experience? Yes Ask Blacksabath, Been with him for 10 Years ish • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Required is hours played, i have 90h on this acc, 160 hours total, also be a nice person • Additional Information: I dont have the best reputation/ however I fell in love with this server. Backround: I found a glitch when i first started and Exploited it. However that was the only time and i have changed!
  11. Wanting to know if yall would like a nerf of Mage and Range, to hit a little less harder, or if you would like melee to hit a bit harder. need everyone to vote, this is open for 2 weeks.
  12. Iv seen him online while online, this is correct.
  13. Update #40 | 9/3 - "HOTFIX" Fixed issue with new players account not being able to login anymore. - New Platinum Boss (WIP) Will be 3 different bosses. Which will drop different rewards. As well as "Sirenic Scales, Tectonic Energy, Malevolent Energy." Update #41 | 9/4 - Client Updated Now Discord RPC. - Client now asks if you're sure you want to close the client. - Lava Flow Mine now works. Update #42 | 9/6 - Rework on Drop Chance. (Testing) - Rework on Rank Lender. Can now lend out Donator for 100M no limit on hours. Gold Ranks for 100M an hour, Platinum Ranks for 500M an hour, Immortal Rank 800M an hour. - Lucien HP reduced to 200k with a max hit of 700. Down from 600k with a max of 1500. - Slowly Converting Bossing to Instances. (Sunfreet, Masuta) Done Update #43 | 9/9 - Loot share has been reverted back to original mechanics. Due to Major Bugs. - Pets no longer lose their level when being picked up/dismissed. - All bosses are working in Platinum Boss Zone, use ;;pb to start/join instance. (WIP Loot Tables are being changed). - Soul Split Reworked. - Following Gloves have be buffed: Bandos Gloves, Goliath Gloves, Torva Gloves, Razorback Gauntlets, Armadyl Gloves, Swift Gloves, Pernix Gloves, Ascension grips, Gloves of subjugation, Spellcaster Gloves, Virtus Gloves, Celestial Handwraps, Dragon Rider Gloves, Cinderbane Gloves - Following Boots have been buffed: Bandos Boots, Torva Boots, Steadfast Boots, Emberkeen Boots, Armadyl Boots, Pernix Boots, Glaiven boots, Flarefrost Boots, Boots of subjugation, Virtus Boots, Ragefire Boots, Hailfire Boots, Dragon Rider Boots. Update #44 | 9/11 - Enchanted Gem has once again been fixed, should no longer glitch your inventory, if it does, restart your client. - Some links fixed in game, Forums now has a perk/pet/rank info page. - Amulet of Souls, Reapers Necklace, Hydric Neckles, Ascensions Grips. Have had their stats updated. Update #45 | 9/13 - Bandos, Armadyl, Sunfreet, Masuta, Saradomin, and Zamorak Instances now fixed and reduced to 50M instead of 200M. - Sunfreet Hotfix. Sunfreet now spawns you by yourself, with only 1 NPC. Hotfix #1 | 9/14 - Dying in sunfreet keeps you in your own instance now. Update #46 | 9/19 - Bork Instance Updated - People that have a "space" in their name can still claim their votes if they forget to use a _ in voting. - Nurse now Restores Special and Prayer. Update #47 | 9/21 - Barrel Chest, KQ, Tormented Demon, Instances now ready. - Other Instances Fixed should now be able to join other players. - Removed Donator Drop Increased Rate Message. Update #48 | 9/22 - Players own shops are now implemented{WIP}. - Client has been updated please head over to website to download the updated client! Update #49 | 9/24 - Player own shops have been updated, can now use tickets to buy items, and sell items for tickets. - Can now buy from player own shops using ;;vs [playername]. - Discord Message added when player adds item to shop/changes price. - Play own shop now charges for the full amount of items instead of per unit. Update #50 | 9/26 - Pet Master Perk reworked, has a base damage of 100, for each level its damage is increase by .8. - Pet Dragon Wolf reworked, has a base damage of 100, for each level its damage is increased by 1.5. - Pet Blood Pouncer pet save life reworked. You now get get energy overtime, 100 energy max, at 1 energy every 2 mins, save death now uses 30 energy. Update #51 | 9/29 - Fixed Comp Cape 120 in all stats should be working correctly. - Fixed prices for logs/fishes. - Well of Goodwill no longer has a time or amount limit. - Tier 1 Bosses Reduced instances price from 50M to 15M Update #52 | 10/3 - Sandwich lady fixed and now Live! 20 Skill points when skilling, 150 PVM points when bossing. (RANDOM) - Added Partyhat Firemaking to ;;store. - Some Dyed items added to Magic Cauldron to be undyed. Update #53 | 10/5 - Sandwich lady disabled. - Partyhat firemaking now fixed, activate at solomon - Skilling points Fixed on lvling. - Platinum boss "Range Headless Sigi" now added to ;;pb Update #54 | 10/7 - You can now donate with a Credit/Debit card on ;;store. Testing feature. - You can now purchase Keepsakes and Bank Containers from ;;store. - Instance Mastua The Ascended is now fixed. Update #55 | 10/11 - Imps HP has been fixed. - Anvils in Skilling Smiting has been fixed. - Max Cape Fix. Update #56 | 10/14 - Fixed a glitch with bank that was allowing you to get stackable items that were not suppose to be stackable. - Added Pet Sparky for Skilling range. Update #57 | 10/16 - Adjusted Bank. - Added recharge for AoS using a Onyx. - Reformulated Hits for Mage/Melee/Range (WIP) Update #58 | 10/19 - Updated formula for pet levels (level * 20000), you can now examine the pet to show you your current exp and the exp needed for next level, as well as your Total Exp for pet. - Updated the bonus exp from Combat Exp pet and Skilling Exp pet at lvl 99 you get a total of x6 XP, bonus of 1.05 then * 0.05 for each level after that. Update #59 | 10/25 - Levels for pets should now be leveling correctly. - Divination EXP has been buffed. - Can now access Skill Shops with ;;sp, Atm its only Skilling Outfits added, More to come. Each Piece is 1% bonus exp, with full set it gains a extra 1% making it a total x6 to exp. Update #60 | 10/28 - Added new Events. - Halloween Event working now, 2 Parts, 1st Part : Start in Draynor by speaking to Pumpkin Pete. - Halloween Event 2nd Part, Speak with Grim Reaper at home. Update #61 | 11/7 - Discord Bot Reverted, Commands are Currently not working. - Fixed issue with Gen Store not getting modified items prices, Some Woodcutting/Fishing items has increased price for gen store. - Vorago Clicking should now be nerfed. (testing) - Corp drops rates have been nerfed. Update # 62 | 11/8 - Lava flow mine is working now. - Helwyr instance should be working again. Greg instance removed to be fixed. - Using a weapon then switching to Deathtouched dart, will no longer give you boss timer ranking. - High-scores will no longer put admins+ or players with below 450 total levels - Suqah hp fixed, Catablepon hp fixed. - impious, accursed, infernal, searing, tortured ashes for altar added, Using a POH with lite burners give more exp than altar at home. Update # 63 | 11/10 - lucien is instanced. telos is instanced, removed no pet requirement, removed bonus chest, solak is now instance, KK is now instance. - Saradomin drops nerfed. Update # 64 | 11/11 - Discord Bot is now working correctly, can now do your command to link account. ".link" without quotes. - Referral System now working. by using ;;ref "ip limited now"
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