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    #Updates 7-10

    By Demoness,



    #Update 7 | April 1st 

    Fixed Stats on starter boss gear/weapons, Armadyl Gear, Dragon Rider gear, zartye bow, boogie bow, sarraitgas bow, starfire bow.

    #Update 8 | April 4th

    T70 - T90 Gears all fixed included dyed ones.

    #Update 9 | April 10th 

    Minigames Pest Control & Soul Warms now working.

    Added Droprate to ranks - Bronze "1.0", Silver "2.5", Gold "3.0", Diamond "5.0" & Master "10.0"

    T70 - T92 weapons should now be right stats.

    Added Quad exp weekend; 2nd weekend of every month, now also adds stats to vote books if used on weekends.

    Elite dungeon - located north of gold city, dragon kin lab teleport.

    #Update 10 | April 18th

    All stats have been updated: Sirenic, Elite sirens, Malevolent, Tectonic, Elite Tectonic, Chaotic, Golden Chaotic etc.

    #Updates 1-6

    By Demoness,



    Weekly updates will be posted, keep up to date on here or on our discord.


    #Update 1 | March 20th - 

    Fixed bottom Jaw with wings looking broken.

    #Update 2 | March 21st -

    Health ring AKA Ring of Vigour now gives you 5k hp, can only buy with 100 vote points.

    #Update 3 | March 23rd -

    Fixed Gilded Altar now allows you to pray with bones.

    Fletching bloodwood logs now works.

    Making Bakriminel Bolts now works.

    #Update 4 | March 24th -

    Special shout gives Mystery Box.

    #Update 5 | March 27th -

    Fixed Donator Shops

    #Update 6 | March 28th -

    Reduced Chaotics offhand prices

    Father Aereck is now located at home by deaths portal.

    Can now change your Gravestone to last longer via father.

    Loaded up forums a bit.


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