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    #Update 16-17

    By Demoness,



    #Update 16 | June 13th

    - Players with bank command can now use ;;opengg for gear loadout presets.

    - Fixed vote book bonus exp percentage to give correct amount. Stacks with chest.

    #Update 17 | June 14th

    - Added Magical Cauldron to home. Removes dye from a weapon or armour piece for 100m. You get the base item and dye back.

    #Updates 14-15

    By Demoness,



    #Update 14 | June 10th 

    - Feathers of Ma'at have been added to Slayer shop for 1,500 coins.

    - Fixed some perk issues, as well as website errors.

    - Fixed bug with Rune/Addy bars not being noted from telos chest.

    - Fixed bug with Pike not turning into burnt fish when burnt. 

    - Chargebow now fixed, player combat slightly changed.

    - Fixed 5K HP ring to be non-tradeable as it was meant to be in the first place.

    - Donations Ranks are no longer traceable.

    - Vote books have been reduced to 2M, 3M, 4M & 5M

    #Update 15 | June 11th

    - Changed Arrazor pet drop to 1/3000 and 1/1500 with pet chanter perk.

    - Added new render animations/stances for weapons.

    - Added KnightScape Credits to Webstore.

    - Fix for Pernix gear.

    - Nerfed Rune Knifes and Red Chins.

    #Updates 12-13

    By Demoness,



    #Update 12 | June 6th

    - Fixed Pernix Gear

    - Fixed Cooks Assistant Quest; wasn't allowing you to milk the prize cow.

    - Updated client, resized mode should not glitch into fixed mode.

    #Update 13 | June 8th

    - Added Nurse NPC to home.

    - Lent ranks now give same exp/drop rate as real ranks.

    Vote books have been reduced back to normal price.

    - Eco has failed; getting rid of RS3 x5 prices, removing 100M tickets from drops. Everyone that has received them will keep them as a thank you for early gameplay.

    - Reduced Immortal rank; worth 26B from 65B

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