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    Eco-Reset 11/25

    By Qwerty,

    YOU ASKED FOR IT, WE DID IT. The team has been hard at work the last two days preparing for an eco wipe.
    meaning we took ALL drop rate boosts and reworked them to something we think you'll find a little better 🙂
    here's a few of the things we took a look at:

        -Tertiary drop items and rates
        -Rare drop items and rates
        -Crystal key chest has been reworked
        -Treasure trails (clue scrolls) drops and items have been reworked
        -Collection log has been reset
        -Skilling points have been added to all old accounts
        -Barrows rework! now featuring NPCs on hill
        -Ironmen and hardcore ironmen now get a special set upon start

    *New game mode drop rates are as follows:
        -Easy - 1
        -Intermediate - 2
        -Veteran - 2.5
        -Expert - 3.5
        -Ironman - 4
        -HC Ironman - 5
    *New donor rank drop rates are as follows:
        These do not stack, whatever rank you are is the bonus you get.

        -Donator - 0.2
        -Extreme - 0.2
        -Legendary - 0.4
        -Supreme - 0.8
        -Divine - 1.0
        -Angelic - 1.2
        -Demonic - 1.4
        -Heroic - 1.6

    If you notice anything or have any thoughts please contact Hakai or Nova, and post it in #rework-feedback.


    Updates #65-66

    By Qwerty,




    Update # 65 | 11/19

    *Fixed Noxicous Scythes dyed.
    *Fixed flarefrost boots, Emberkeen Boots, Hailfire boots, Buffed Imperimal Core.
    *Raised DR on Energys and Scales from PB.
    *Fixed Bug that was causing you to get other players type logs awhile chopping different trees.
    *Nerfed Rune knifes.
    *Pet perk D'companine now attacks every 2-4 secs. instead of every hit.
    *Couple other things but forgot to white it down oopsie!

    Update # 66 | 11/21

    *New Rank System: Based off amount spent now, These are the following ranks:
    -Donator >= 15 Up from 10.
    -Extreme Donator >= 20
    -Legendary Donator >= 55
    -Supreme Donator >= 150
    -Divine Donator >= 200
    -Angelic Donator >= 300
    -Demonic Donator >= 400
    -Heroic Donator >= 800
    *EXP Boosts: 
    -Donator, "35"
    -Extreme, "45"
    -Legendary, "55" 
    -Supreme, "65" 
    -Divine, "75" 
    -Angelic, "85" 
    -Demonic, "95" 
    -Heroic, "105"

    *Drop Boosts:
    -Donator, "1.0"
    -Extreme, "2.0"
    -Legendary, "3.0"
    -Supreme, "4.0"
    -Divine, "5.0"
    -Angelic, "6.0"
    -Demonic, "7.0"
    -Heroic, "8.0"
    * Removed KK instance
    *Most perks removed from store, you will now only be able to purchase them in game.
    *Changed the Scoreboard for Donators Ranks Display. It now shows the date you created the account and your game mode.
    * [WIP] new perks for ranks.



    Sneak Peak 12-12-2020 :)

    By blacksabath,

    sneak peak of whats to come 🙂



    01ea86ada52fc2aa215a3e9dd7714eb2.jpg 418d87ff436fcf0719abe549da5472a7.jpg fe4fcb9e214937777bd5ae9f5646ea97.jpg f392a0e898d4025c7610309c66e15e23.jpg 5d081034b16a6024250b3223d2f986b0.jpg 02ce6e07f71b1cb21d93f58becebf6b1.jpg bda900759079bc3adf72523728d67fce.jpg f6ae342e2a93d8a2232695bac16cc14c.jpg 606edcaeb8c48ee7c80da770860b1fe8.jpg

    cross world switching from same client. Support for multiple revisions 🙂


    System update in lobby 🙂

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