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    Updates #77-80

    By Qwerty,




    Updates # 77 | 1/22

    *Party Hats are now tradeable.
    *Fixed issue with Bank opening up when you clicked on money pouch and trading a player.
    *IronMan - HardCore Ironman, now get starter kits regardless of accounts.
    *Setting up a bank pin now shows you your pin when its created. Write it down!
    *Arraxor drops have been buffed. [Work in Progress].
    *Some Items Bonuses have been fixed.
    *Mafia Pots in Trivia Shop have been reduced, 15 to 5.
    *Nature Rune Requirement to craft has been changed from 45 to 44.
    *Dominion Tower Gloves have been fixed you no longer lose points if you close the dialogue before picking a item.

    Updates # 78 | 1/23

    *LoTd ring has been nerfed from 1-1500 to 1-2500
    *Hazelmere Signet Ring has been nerfed from 1-250 to 1-500 DDC.
    *Staff Pet and Bloodpoucer heals have been nerfed.
    *Legendary Pet Dragon Wolf has been nerfed reduced to a max of 8K at level 99.
    *PetMaster Perk has been nerfed reduced to a max of 5K at level 99.
    *Rune Knifes have been nerfed delay speed of 2 to delay speed of 4
    *Bandosian Reaver's hp has been fixed.

    Updates #71-76

    By Qwerty,



    Updates # 71 | 12/6

    * Nerfed drop rates of easy and medium clues
    * Buffed drop rates of hard and elites clues
    * Removed the auto restart every 8 hours
    * Fixed Cows HP at Burthorpe
    * Fixed Priffs Course, can no longer spam click for extra xp

    Updates # 72 | 12/16

    * New Drop System in place for Telos Orbs, Telos Orbs have been raised from a 0.9 to a 1.2
    * Newest Edition to KnightScape Staff Family, Welcome Nova!

    Updates # 73 | 1/6

    * Updated based drop rates from game mode to a +2 from the original

    Updates # 74 | 1/9

    * Extra Security added to account, you can now talk to the Account Guardian to set up Jag
    * The bank now has a pin system, you can activate it by talking to banker next to bank at home

    * Fix for Chat settings, it now stays saved
    * Siesmics wands stats updates (dyed).   They were below the normal wand and now all dyed ones have the same stats now.
    * Lucky bandos armour gear , they were below the normal bandos gear and have been upgraded by a couple points to bring them a bit higher as the 
      regular one
    * Primal weapons stats has been updated (all golden chaotic weapons were stronger than any other primal weapon) 

    Updates # 75 | 1/11

    * Double drops have been reworked
    * Drop Rates have been Reworked once again

    Updates # 76 | 1/14

    *Absorbing stats have been changed on armor and removed from weapons
    *Chaotic & Dominion are updated

    Updates #67-70

    By Qwerty,



    Update # 67 | 11/27

    *Fixed Ref system. 
    *Fixed Donations from store not adding up correctly.

    *Well has been reduced from 250M to 100M
    *Donation Rank Info 
    -"Regular Donator" Drop Boost, 0.2, Exp Boost, 35% Added to Vote Books.
    -"Extreme Donator" Drop Boost, 0.2, Exp Boost, 45% Added to Vote Books.
    -"Legendary Donator" Drop Boost, 0.4, Exp Boost, 55% Added to Vote Books.
    -"Supreme Donator" Drop Boost, 0.8, Exp Boost, 65% Added to Vote Books.
    -"Divine Donator" Drop Boost, 1.0, Exp Boost, 75% Added to Vote Books.
    -"Angelic Donator" Drop Boost, 1.2, Exp Boost, 85% Added to Vote Books.
    -"Demonic Donator" Drop Boost, 1.4, Exp Boost, 95% Added to Vote Books.
    -"Heroic Donator" Drop Boost, 1.6, Exp Boost, 105% Added to Vote Books.
    *On Upgraded Rank, you now get 1 keepsake key.
    *GWD1 Drop rates were changed again.
    *Rank Lender system has been taken out.
    *Donator Boxes have been removed.
    *Player Owned Stores have been removed.
    *Crystal key chest has been reworked
    *Treasure trails (clue scrolls) drops and items have been reworked
    *Collection log has been reset

    Update # 68 | 11/29

    *Added 4 Mystery Boxes with new Mystery Box Interface, Mboxes items are a [WIP]
    * Donator Amounts have been changed:
        -Regular Donator 15
        -Extreme Donator 30
        -Legendary Donator 60
        -Supreme Donator 120
        -Divine Donator 200
        -Angelic Donator 350
        -Demonic Donator 500
        -Heroic Donator 1000
    *Added a new Starter Interface when creating a account.
    *Halloween Event Has Ended, Thank you for who all participated in it.
    *Fixed Donation Colors/Icons/Yells.

    Update # 69 | 12/1

    * There has been another rework on the drop rates! [WIP]

    Update # 70 | 12/5

    * Zaros Godsword and Dyed Zaros Godsword have been fixed.
    * Masuta Staff Damage Reduced.
    * Nox Staff Damage Reduced.
    * Staff of Sliske Damage Reduced.
    * Seren Godbow and Dyed Seren Godbow have been fixed.

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