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  3. • In-Game Name: Yin • How old are you? 23 • Timezone: GMT +8 • What position are you applying for? Server Support • Which languages do you speak? English, Tagalog • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? - Because Staff team is very awesome. - I want to accommodate players in the same time-zone as me. - I want to experience something new. - I have a decent amount of knowledge of the game that can help others. - I basically Love Knightscape =) • Do you have any past staff experience? None. • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Approachable, Active, Friendly, and are expected to help players, especially the new ones. • Additional Information: I'm Shy talking IRL =)
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  5. Updates # 1 | 1/1 - Added Dwarf Cannons back into game, - Fixed accounts getting stuck logged in. - Known Bug Crash (if your client launcher doesn't fully close when hitting "Play" it will cause your client to crash while skilling and some interactions. Your able to manually close the Launcher when the game launches if it remains open. Updates # 2 | 1/8 - Telos instance is now fixed; you no longer null when starting a new instance. - Players can now kick their own account from discord using (.kick) and following the instructions that follow. Updates # 3 | 1/13 - Telos is now working correctly, Loot is stacking, Chest is accessible from outside, Enrage and Streak is correctly working. Hit Cap set to 1200 + (your enrage), Telos HP, goes up based on your (streaks). - You can now view your telos streak and enrage via the Task Tab. - Discord to in-game and in-game to discord chat now working correctly.
  6. Updates # 80-81 | 4/18/2021 #80 - Tusken Raid is now fixed. - Friends Chat Manager is working correctly now. - GWD2 are now fixed. - Dagganoth King public instance fixed, you now spawn in the platform - Prayer points now drain, - Special bar now refreshes correctly. #81 - Fixed Routing System/ Portals Should be working correctly again. - Fixed Legendary Pets to be claimed/summoned with ;;pets after they are claimed.
  7. Hot Fixes #2-3 | 3/6/2021 #2 - Active Jagged Account no longer deletes your equipped gear, its it into your active bank when reloading account. - Tray message pop up appears for all online staff using; ticket. - Doogle Leafs with raw sardine is now working. - Port Fixes. - Removed music tab and put quests and achievements in its location. #3 - Novice Summoner has been fixed. - Spoils of Barrows has been fixed. - Mining has been fixed. - Prayer Drain has been fixed. - Pets now get level 50 on reloading a account that has a spawned pet.
  8. • In-Game Name: 99s. • How old are you? 26. • Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10). • What position are you applying for? Moderator. • Which languages do you speak? English. • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I Currently have 440 hours played on this server and being from a different timezone to most staff i think i would be a great addition to the team, I am always friendly and always try my best to help everyone with whatever i can. • Do you have any past staff experience? I am currently Support rank and have been moderator and admin on a few servers from a few years but only recently got back into private servers. • Additional Information: Thankyou for taking the time to review my application, I hope to make the current staff, players and future staff, players proud to have me as apart of there team and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for all of us, yes even you Creaky 😉
  9. Welcome! Glad to have you here.
  10. I have to agree with demoness here as it was taken the wrong way,
  11. I don't really know how to answer this without you interpreting me wrong, as clearly you've interpreted this in the wrong way before knowing how it was meant. Minion is someone who works below someone. I could of said "Does someone want to be my servant?" or "Does someone want to work for me" but I was just trying to add a bit of humor to it. I have never heard the term Minion being referred to someone's height. If I had called someone a dwarf or midget, then yes that is referring to someone's height and therefore could be a form of bullying. Please get to know people before accusing such things. I have been here since nearly day one, and people who know me know I am humorous person but will say things as they are. I will ignore this but refrain from trying to say things like this, unless there is actual reason of bulling, racial hate of discrimination. As on this topic there isn't.
  12. I find the word minion offencive, i'm 1m52 irl so feel like a minion. otherwise good luck finding your minion anyway. Ps, this is in the rules: Rule #1: BULLYING, RACIAL HATE, and DISCRIMINATION😛
  13. Well you can alsways contact me on discord for anything 😉 gl with the project 😄
  14. Hi, I'm Aurora ingame and on discord real name is Elise, i'm 21 years old and from belgium. I started playing recently but have a past in private server (owned a rsps group together with my husband). I'm not always active due the fact i have a son off 20 months and 2 daughters off 7 months (yep they are twins), Seppe Luna and Aurora. And yep, another small wonder is on the way. We both dont work cuz off we do real estate for living (basicly we are lazy af. Any questions just shoot!
  15. Demoness


    Enjoy some abstracts
  16. Ill be more than happy to help you accomplish this!
  17. could i have my forum rank updated please? thanks
  18. I could help you out as needed, work schedule is pretty insane so it might be hard for me to play at specific times
  19. This is my manipulations thread. Yes, ma nips. Will aim to posting on here once a week minimum, maybe more. Number one:
  20. I need one person to help me. Maybe two... This isn't a staff position, so you wouldn't get any commands or whatnot. So, what is it I need? I need someone to help me with developing two websites, one for our 718 server and one for our 317 server. I don't need help with how to do things as such, but a general helper. Requirements: Must have Discord Willing to speak via Chat, Voice or Video for sharing screens etc. (if needed) Creative mind Ability to spot flaws, or improvements. Trustworthy as will be helping and looking at pages which only Admin + can see. What you don't need: You don't need experience within Web Design, as I'll take over that and if I need you to do anything I'll explain how to do it. You don't need to be Staff, or need a specific time play to apply. Now, I may not need you for a week or so as I'm still in process of planning a few things. But I will choose in the next couple of days, and we will probably get to work from the 15/03/2021. In the meantime, once I've chosen we will basically be discussing how we want it to look etc. I will be still reviewing anyone who applies, and will be speaking with other Staff members as I may not know you all on a personal level. To apply, simply vote 'Yes' on the pol above. You can also write reply expressing your interest to help.
  21. Good luck on Staff, All I'll say is if you are successful you would start off as Support like everyone else.
  22. In-Game Name: Kevin How Old Are You?: 21 Time zone: EST Position Applying For?: Moderator Language: English And Some Spanish Why Do I Want To Be Part Of The Staff Team?:I Would Like to be Able To Help People When They Get Stuck And I already Help People With In-Game Questions Past Staff Experience?: Co-Owned A Server Back In RS2 Days For About 6 Months, Admin For 2 years, Moderator On Multiple Servers On This Specific Source(Same For Support) What I Think Should Be Required For This Position?: Being A Role Model For Players Is Very Important To Keep The Server From Becoming Toxic, Upholding Rules Even If You're Friends With a Player, Don't Abuse Your Powers For Self Gain, Ask Permission From Admin When Players Break "Gray Area Rules" Before Dishing Out Punishment Additional Information: I Am Extremely Knowledgeable Of This Source, Have Yet To Break A Rule(I've Been Kicked Once For AFK) I'm A Very Friendly Guy And Am Very Honest And Upfront. Thankyou For Reviewing My Staff Application
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